TB’s Let’s Go Camping


The essential guide for the first time RVer’s, including tips for the more seasoned.


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“After a short time of ordering lots of new goodies, I began to realize that over the years, I had wasted hundreds of dollars and countless hours on purchases that worked well but not great, or maybe they worked great, but it took up too much room, or it was just too heavy. I wished I had someone to hold my hand and guide me through the endless array of possibilities while attempting to make all these new purchases for my RV. The goal of this guide is to help provide the new RVer with many of the recommended first-time purchases you will need and explain how much of the new equipment operates. I hope to help all the poor souls out there who are just starting out in the RV world from making the same mistakes I did, saving you lots of money and hours and hours of searching for “the right thing”.”

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Tb's Lets go Camping for first time RV'ers
Thomas Babon

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